Best Crispy French Fries Recipe

Best Crispy French Fries Recipe

This cold oil french fry recipe cooks the fries to perfection as the oil heats up leaving you to focus on the other food.  The traditional way to make french fries that are light and crispy is to deep fry in pre-heated oil but requires a double frying method. Due to the moisture content of potatoes its not the safest way to cook fries unless you have a deep fryer and it takes a large deep fryer to cook more than a handful. If a deep fryer is overloaded the temperature drop may create soggy fries, so many small batches is required. With the cold oil method you can cook as many fries as you need in one batch,  you will need a heavy high walled pot at least twice the volume of the fries and oil.


  • Large russet potatoes
  • 32+ ounces of oil oil (sunflower, peanut, canola, beef or duck fat)
  • Salt



  1. Cut russet potatoes with a mandolin at a width of 10mm x 10mm. If using a knife take care to cut all fries to a consistent width.
  2. Rinse cut potatoes under cold water for a minute taking care to make sure they are fully rinsed. This removes some of the starches from the cut sides.
  3. Loosely add cut potatoes to a five quart or larger cast iron dutch oven or stainless steel high walled pot.
  4. Add just enough oil to cover the potatoes.
  5. Place on largest burner on high heat.
  6. Let cook on high heat until the french fries turn a golden color. Do not stir fries as they may break apart and is not needed.
  7. Remove with slotted skimmer spoon and place on a screen with a plate under (or on a plate with paper towels) to allow excess oil to drain for a minute. Salt  immediately after removing from oil.
  8. Eat and enjoy!!
  9. Allow oil to cool to room temperature and save oil for another use. The oil can be reused 6-10 times or until the oil becomes a light amber color.

In The Making Photos

[Setup your mandolin with 10mm cutting blades at a 10mm cutting depth]

[Rinse cut potatoes under cold water and allow to drain]

[Add enough room temperature oil to just cover the cut potatoes]

[Never fill the pot more than 1/2 full with oil and pototes. 1/3 full is safest especially if using a gas stove. This gives room for the volume of the oil to expand as moisture is cooked from the potatoes.]

[Cook on high heat until your potatoes turn a golden color and remove with a slotted spoon.]

[Remove cooked french fries and let drain on a screen or paper towels. Salt immediately after removing from oil.]

[When broken you get a nice thick crispy outside crust and the inside is light, airy and not oily. The thick crust means the fries will be crispy longer as they cool.]