How To Easily Cut A Pineapple

How To Easily Cut A Pineapple

Using a kitchen knife to cut a pineapple into cubes can be painfully time-consuming. Using a pineapple slicer eliminates the majority of the work and makes it extremely convenient for you to add fresh fruit to your daily diet!

What is a Pineapple Slicer?

A pineapple slicer is a simple stainless steel or plastic device with a cutting blade on the base which cuts a flat corkscrew shape down through the soft edible portion of the pineapple perfectly separating the core and outer shell from the soft inner fruit leaving you with perfect rings in less than a minute.


  • Whole Pineapple

Tools Used


  1. Lay the pineapple on its side, with a chef’s knife cut the top off  vertically. Cutting the top at a perfect right angle to the vertical core is crucial to the pineapple slicer cutting straight into the pineapple and not cutting into the core or the sides. 
  2. With the top cut off place the pineapple on its base and the pineapple slicer on top as pictured below with the center over the core (the hard section in the middle is the core).
  3. Press down on the handle with firm pressure and slowly twist clockwise while making sure the slicer is going straight down. Consistent downward pressure ensures the slicer cuts consistent thickness slices.
  4. Twist until you feel a slight more resistance to turning. This means you have gotten close to the bottom.
  5. Once you have twisted the slicer all the way down hold the pineapple with one hand on the sides, still sitting flat, and pull up on the handle with steady firm pressure. The suction will eventually break and allow the slicer to pull up the cut fruit.
  6. Remove the handle via the two buttons on the side and turn the slicer upside down on the cutting board to remove the rings from around the slicer.
  7. Cut the rings into whatever size cubes you like with your chef’s knife. For pizza smaller is best.
  8. Drink the juice from the inside of the pineapple shell … ummm delicious :)

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